Building The Bridge For A Stronger US Supply Chain

SEAMS: “Building The Bridge For A Stronger US Supply Chain”

Reshoring is happening within the US Sewn Products industry.  But, there are still many obstacles to overcome for the industry to experience significant growth.  During this multifaceted presentation, Will Duncan will share his perspective regarding the current state of the Made in the USA movement and how the SEAMS Association is “BUILDING THE BRIDGE FOR A STRONGER US SUPPLY CHAIN”.  Topics addressed are advancements in automation, the need for extensive workforce development, sourcing perspective of brands and retailers, the need for greater supply chain collaboration, micro-factories, and his vision of the “Modern Model Sewing Factory”. 


Fundamentals of Wrinkle Free Finishing & Recent Innovations

Cotton Incorporated: “Fundamentals of Wrinkle Free Finishing
& Recent Innovations”

This presentation will cover many aspects of wrinkle resistant finishing. It will begin with a short history of wrinkle resistant finishing, followed by causes and prevention of wrinkles. Durable press finish applications and chemistries will be covered. Common tests and expectations for wrinkle resistant fabrics/garments will be reviewed. Lastly, some recent durable press innovations will be discussed.


Advanced Thermal Regulation Technology

INCA Technologies: “Advanced Thermal Regulation Technology”

This presentation will review Solar Off-Loading Technology® (SOLT). What is SOLT?

How does it work? The implications for the market place for SOLT will be discussed. Going beyond SOLT what is the next phase? And lastly, independent confirmation of performance for SOLT will be reviewed.

Plasma Technology for Advanced Functional Finishing

Plasma treatment is a novel method for processing and finishing materials with significant cost and environmental benefits.   Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is created when energy is added to gas molecules causing them to excite and dissociate into charged particles.  These charged particles can be used to directly modify the surface of materials or cause chemical reactions.  Plasma treatment can be used to completely replace the traditional pad-dry-cure method of finishing.  Unlike conventional methods of finishing, plasma does not require an oven or heat and no waste-water is produced.  This makes plasma treatment an environmentally-friendly alternative that can dramatically change conventional methods of finishing throughout the industry.

Microban® Scentry® Revive A New Body Odor Control Technology or Textiles

New body odor test methods are developed and standardized at Microban for textile odor control technology performance evaluation.  These methods are lab-based method. They are quantitative and reproducible. They are also easy to run and quick to get result out.  They correlate well with real world wearing study. With the help of these newly developed odor control test methods, we have developed a new odor control technology for textile body odor control application.  Test results show that Revive performs well with the newly developed lab test methods.