The Southern Textile Research Conference (STRC) Started in 1961. The first five meetings were held In Hilton Head, SC. The Conference Founder Was Dr. Luther B. Arnold. Walter Waluciwitz and Herman Goldstein were also instrumental as founders of STRC. The original attendees were strictly technical personnel and were by invitation-only. The attendees changed over the years and with the focus to include a balance of technical personnel from industry / manufacturing, textile suppliers and textile university professors. STRC is no longer invitation-only and welcomes all interested attendees.

The format of the STRC fosters an atmosphere of interaction between the speakers and the attendees. Each presentation allows time for questions and answers so the attendees can get a thorough understanding of the topics presented. There is a welcome reception as well as time provided for meals and breaks to allow the attendees to interact.

Please plan on attending the STRC. It will give you a chance to learn about new technologies and to meet new people.