Will Duncan

Will Duncan

CEO, Will Duncan and Associates

EVP, SEAMS Association


Will Duncan is the founder and CEO of Will Duncan and Associates, a management and operations consulting firm focused on maximizing the effectiveness of your people and processes. Will also serves as the Executive Director for SEAMS, the Association and Voice of the US Sewn Products Industry for over 50 years.  


He is a recognized speaker and fashion industry consultant with more than 35 years’ experience in management development, process improvement, team-based manufacturing, and plant engineering in the sewn products industry. Will has lead and successfully implemented 100’s of Lean manufacturing initiatives and started industry focused training programs in countries around the world.


Positions include: Executive Vice President [TC]²; Director of Operations, Lanes Laundry;  Plant Manager, Bladen Sportswear; Manager of Engineering and Operations, W&J Rives.


Will has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University, is a member of [TC]²’s Executive Board, is an Editorial Board Member of Apparel Magazine, served as Director of Education and Board Member of SEAMS, and  as Chairman of the Human Resources Leadership Council of the American Apparel Footwear Association.

Ken Greeson

Ken Greeson came to Cotton Incorporated in June, 2002. Ken Greeson’s current position at Cotton Incorporated is Manager, Finishing Research as part of the Textile Chemistry Research department.  Ken’s primary responsibilities include research and development in the field of fabric finishing, including areas such as wrinkle resistance, moisture management, repellency, flame retardancy, and abrasion resistance.  Responsibilities also include management of the Finishing Research Laboratory.


Ken worked for nearly 10 years at Cone Mills during the 1980’s.  Most of the time at Cone Mills was performing technical service and product evaluations in Finishing Services; he also worked in Cone plants in Cheraw, SC (piece dyeing & finishing) and Haw River, NC (continuous dyeing & finishing of corduroy and flat goods).


During the 1990’s, Ken worked for chemical suppliers to the textile industry.  Duties included performing lab applications and providing technical service to customers.  These companies were Sedgefield Specialties (1991 – 1995), Apollo Chemical (1995 – 1998), and Stockhausen, Inc. (1998 – 2002).


Ken was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina.  He attended NC State University and graduated with BS Degree in Textile Chemistry (with a concentration in Polymer Chemistry) in 1981.


Ken has been married to wife Ann Marie for over 35 years and has one son, Paul, who is 26.  Ken hobbies include fishing and golfing.

Tian Lan

Tian Lan

Manager, Liquid Formulation Research and Development, Microban International

Tian Lan, Manager of odor control research and development for textiles and liquid based products at Microban International, have made multiple accomplishments in specialty chemical product innovation. As part of his role, Tian Lan, is a part of cross-functional teams responsible for the research and product development leading to commercialization, including; design of experiments, proof of concept, and statistical analysis and testing.

Tian brings extraordinary abilities and remarkable trouble shooting skills to his role at Microban, which he developed through more than 20 years of product and process engineering and research work with leading chemical and homecare companies, such as; Callaway Chemical and BioLab.

Tian holds a Master of Science in Polymer Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech.  


Terry McInerney

Following a successful career in commercial insurance; from the mid-1990s Terry has focused on his passion for researching and developing thin film thermal management systems. His research efforts began with paints and coatings for hard surfaces such as industrial machinery, building envelopes, rail cars, electronics, and automotive. Then progressed to applying the technology to textiles in 2010, earning US Patent 9,005,748 in April 2015 for his Solar Off-Loading Technology (SOLT). He continues to expand the reach of SOLT into the textile arena with offerings for military, recreational, industrial and automotive applications.

Wade Tyner

Wade Tyner – Manager of Applications Engineering, APJeT, Inc.

Wade is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, holds a Master of Science degree from North Carolina State University in Textile Engineering, and was an ITT Fellow.   Wade has 10 years of experience in the field of atmospheric plasma technology. Prior to joining APJeT, Wade worked for Milliken & Company in a dyeing and finishing manufacturing site and later as the Plant Engineer for a non-woven manufacturing facility. He is currently responsible for the equipment design and build for APJeT, allowing for the success of APJeT’s Dry Finishing Technology.