2017 STRC Gallery

STRC Chair Mike Leamon with Dr. Hinks
The audience is ready for 2017 STRC to begin!
Dr. El-Shafei introduces Dr. Hinks as Keynote Speaker
Dr. Hinks from NCSU addresses the 2017 STRC audience
STRC Chair Mike Leamon begins the Monday morning session
Dr. Ghosh discusses applications for Smart Textiles
Troy Massey reviews Active Textiles and Encapsulation
Dr. Magali Brown reviews non-fluorine repellents
Dr. Magali Brown discusses repellent technology with the audience
Dr. El-Shafei reviews new flame retardant technology
Dr. El-Shafei answers questions from the STRC audience
Jimmy Rowe discusses consumer market information
Hardy Sullivan discusses stain resistant upholstery issues
Dr. Phil Brown discusses ultra-hydrophobic textiles
Dr. Phil Brown wraps up the 2017 STRC with the audience