Active Textiles and Encapsulated Finishing Chemicals

Speaker: Troy Massey
Presentation Title: Active Textiles and Encapsulated Finishing Chemicals 

ACTIVE TEXTILES mean clothes that provide care, freshness, comfort and protection for you. Imagine that every time you put on your favorite garment it actually takes care of you. The principle is simple: Build active ingredients into the fabric of clothing so that with the natural movement of your body, the active ingredients are released. The active ingredients may keep your clothes fresh, moisturize your skin, protect you against mosquitos or protect you from harmful UV rays.

Microencapsulation is a very effective way of making sure active ingredients are released from your garment to achieve the desired effect. Microcapsules are infused and bound to fabrics to allow for various release rates depending on the intended effect (moisturizing, fragrance release, mosquito repellent). This is achieved by traditional textile application methods such as padding, exhausting and spraying. So, no special equipment is needed.

The result of bringing together leading fabric technology, decades of experience with health and beauty products and the power of nature itself, ACTIVE TEXTILES bring new possibilities to your fashion concepts and collections.

When are you going to get ACTIVE?